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Hope Haven participates in many festivals and fundraisers during the open season of May through October. Please see the Events section of our monthly e-newsletter and the events tab of our FaceBook page to get involved with all the activities.

Our biggest upcoming event is Biscuits Bingo on March 4th, 2017. It takes place at IBEW Hall at 5 Hot Metal Street. There will be raffle baskets, door prices, and (obviously) BINGO! There's a $25 admission fee, which goes toward the benefiting organizations. Doors open at 10am and bingo starts at noon!


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About Us

Karen and Oliver the pigThe idea of Hope Haven was born in 2008 while I was driving to Pittsburgh from my hometown in Vermont. I was thinking about my career as a spay/neuter veterinary surgeon and how I loved working to stop the pet overpopulation problem. But recently I had been becoming upset by the number of unwanted ducks, pigs, and chickens being surrendered at the shelter. Farm animals cannot be properly housed at most shelters and I had been taking many of these animals home to care for myself. Rehabilitating a tiny pot-bellied piglet named Isaac had opened my eyes to the exuberant love-of-life farm animals feel. Isaac would romp and jump like a puppy, seek me out for companionship, and give me looks that were so expressive I always knew what he was “saying”. I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened to Isaac if he had gone to auction or to a worse fate. So during that long drive home from New England I asked myself this question, “What would I do with my life if I KNEW I couldn’t fail?” That question opened my eyes to my life’s purpose! I would start a farm animal sanctuary and raise public awareness to the plight of thousand of voiceless animals.

Our New Barn!!!After more than 4 long years of searching, the sanctuary property was purchased in June of 2011. It is a diamond-in-the-rough, but the potential will make your heart sing! The land is close enough to the city to invite visitors, but also has the perfect mix of pasture land and woods to keep many needy animals happy and safe. The little house has been renovated and currently is the home of the farm's founder. One day, we hope to offer it to a caretaker who will keep a watchful eye on the animals. A large outbuilding has been altered into a sturdy and expansive poultry house that even brags solar lighting! A beautiful bank barn welcomes the hoof stock and an expansive shed is the cozy home of the pig herd. A man-made pond was created explicitly for the pleasure of ducks and geese. There is a beautiful walking trail on the property, as well as environmental updates such as rain water barrels, a veggie garden, a small fruit orchid, and compost units.

This has all taken SO MUCH work, but the effort has had an unbelievable payoff. The joy and peace this sanctuary brings to visitors and animals is life-changing. It's extremely satisfying to know that Pittsburgh benefits from having this source for farm animal welfare information and humane education. The amazing story of Hope Haven is still in its infancy. We need YOUR help! I hope you all will join us on this great adventure.



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"The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"
- Jeremy Bentham, philospher

Virtual Farm Tour

Overview of the barn as seen from the road
An overview of the barn as seen from the road
Many of our animals in one of our pastures
Many of our animals in one of our pastures
Ivy the goat in her enclosure
Ivy, one of our goats, in her barn
Reggie in his pasture
Reggie, one of our pigs, in his pasture
Rigby, our emu
Rigby, our "guard" emu
The Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary sign
Our beautiful Hope Haven sign
Our turkey stall
One of our turkeys, relaxing on his stall door